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Exer Tuanzebe, the "duanzi" in the fans' mouths, 22 years old, 1.86 meters tall, purely produced by Manchester United youth training, joined Villa on loan in the 2018/2019 season, performed well and helped Villa rise In the Premier League, I thought at the time that Villa’s main player might stay at Villa and continue to level up in the Premier League environment, but Sochaux chose to keep the Manchester United central defender’s future in the line. Tuan Zebe's attention. In the league at the beginning of the season and in the Europa League group stage, Tuanzebe got a certain chance and also had a remarkable performance. He had a chance to go further, but he was injured at this time. Troubled, injuries were intermittent in the following time, and Tuanzi also appeared more in the Manchester United U23 lineup, recovering his body and maintaining the state of the game. After the international game day of this season, the team returned from injury, and appeared in the starting lineup as a right center back in the first game of the comeback, and has a very good performance in limiting Mbappe, and Tuanzebe also has What are the technical characteristics?

Exer Tuanzebe是球迷中的“段子”,现年22岁,身高1.86米,完全由曼联青年训练队制作,在2018/2019赛季租借加入比利亚,表现出色并帮助比利亚崛起,我当时以为Villa的主要球员可能会留在Villa并继续在英超环境中升级,但是Sochaux选择了保持曼联中后卫的前途。 Tuan Zebe的注意。在赛季初的联赛中以及在欧罗巴联赛小组赛中,团泽贝都有一定的机会,而且表现出色。他有机会走得更远,但此时他受伤了。麻烦不断,受伤在接下来的时间里是断断续续的,Tuanzi也出现在曼联U23阵容中更多,恢复了身体并保持了比赛状态。在本赛季的国际比赛日之后,该队受伤退出,并在复出的第一场比赛中以右中后卫的身份出现在首发阵容中,在限制姆巴佩方面表现非常出色,而团泽贝也拥有技术特点?

Tuanzebe is a central defender with strong defensive reading ability. He can read the opponent's offensive line and intentions well. When the opponent is far from the penalty area, he can constantly adjust his defensive position, and he can detect a certain opponent. When the offensive player has the opportunity to take the ball to instigate the offensive, it can swing out in time to give the receiver pressure and complete decisive grab.


Tuanzebe’s one-on-one ability. Although Tuanzebe is lacking in upper limb strength, he has a fast recovery speed, decisively in the back and the bottom foot, and his body is in accurate position. He chased the full-speed sprinter twice yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise that Bape did not retreat.

Tuanzebe的一对一能力。尽管Tuanzebe缺乏上肢力量,但他的后肢和下肢脚具有决定性的恢复速度,身体处于正确的位置。昨天他两次追逐全速短跑运动员。 Bape没有后退,这是一个令人惊喜的惊喜。

In the face-to-face one-on-one time, Tuan Zebe was decisive in his footing and also gave himself more room for fault tolerance in selecting positions. Tuanzebe's ability to play is also very good. He found a long pass from the left side of the penalty area from the backcourt last night, which is a manifestation of his passing skills. In addition to the long pass and ground penetration without defense, his ability to handle the ball when under defensive pressure is also very smart and sophisticated.

在面对面的一对一面对中,Tuan Zebe的脚步举足轻重,在选择职位时也给了自己更多的容错空间。 Tuanzebe的比亚搏意甲买球的首选赛能力也非常出色。昨晚他在后场从禁区左侧传出一记长传,这是他传球技巧的体现。除了没有防守的长传和地面穿透外,他在防守压力下控亚搏意甲买球的首选球的能力也非常聪明和成熟。

Let’s talk about Tuanzebe’s shortcomings. The first point is the lack of combat ability in the air. Due to his thin body and lack of core strength, Tuanzebe is struggling for the top in the face of taller and stronger strikers. When I am in a weak position, I want to make up for it, but I can only use experience in actual combat to increase my awareness of position selection and strengthen core strength training. The second point is the selection and marking in the opponent's counterattack. Although this was done very well the night before, in some previous games, Tuanzebe would hold the ball part of the time when the opponent launched a counterattack. People are too concerned, leading to sometimes omission.


I like Tuan Zebe very much, and I have been watching his performance. In the first game against Paris, I was worried about Tuanzebe’s game state, who had been in the long-lost battle. After all, it’s been a long time since I played such a high-intensity game, but the team used their outstanding performance to prove that they are still a player A trusted young central defender. At 22 years old, he is still young enough for a central defender. I hope that this season the team can stay healthy, keep improving, seize the opportunity to attack the position of Manchester United’s main central defender.

我非常喜欢Tuan Zebe,并且一直在观看他的表演。在对阵巴黎的第一场比赛中,我为Tuanzebe的比赛状态感到担忧,他一直在输掉比赛。毕竟,距离我打出如此高强度的比赛已经很长时间了,但是球队利用出色的表现证明了他们仍然是一名值得信赖的年轻中后卫。他只有22岁,还足够年轻,可以担任中后卫。我希望本赛季球队能够保持健康,不断进步,抓住机会进攻曼联主要的中后卫位置。





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