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Tiger Fighting, October 21, according to the "Oriental Sports Daily" report, U19 national youth coach Cheng Yaodong said when talking about the team's goal to play in the second league, the official may not have high requirements, and the team will set its own results. index.

Tiger Fighting,10月21日,据《东方体育日报》报道,U19国家青年教练郑耀东在谈到球队在第二联赛的目标时说,官方可能没亚搏app意甲买球的首选有很高的要求,球队将设定自己的结果。指数。

I think the team will have a gradual performance. Everyone may not have a high degree of certainty and performance at the beginning, but as the league progresses, it may gradually become better. The instability of young players is the biggest difficulty facing the team, it depends on how much everyone can use their abilities.


The coaching staff is still in discussions. We want players to get training, but also to strive for good results and rankings. Although the official may not have high requirements, we need to set an internal goal.


The improvement is first reflected in the competition. After four training sessions, everyone's physical fitness and strength have been enhanced. In terms of technology and tactics, we also tried some different tactical requirements.


Strictly speaking, the style of the team cannot be completely determined, but we introduce various styles and applicable scenarios to the players, and we still hope that the players can explore according to the changes on the court. The players are still in a stage of connecting the past and the next, it is best to learn and adapt to various styles and systems.


Players sometimes perform well on the court, and sometimes they do not. When the game is relatively smooth, you will perform better, but when the scene is a bit difficult, everyone's coping ability will be relatively weak. In some cases, we may have the advantage at the beginning but fail to win the game in the end. At this time everyone may become flustered. Compared with the adult teams in the Chinese Second League, the mentality and psychological endurance of the national youth players still have a lot of room for improvement.


Psychologically, there will definitely be pressure. After all, it is to represent the national brand to participate in the league. We will definitely find ways to help them relieve the pressure, but in the final analysis, this is also a process of accumulation, and they need to bear it themselves. In fact, this can be regarded as one of the purposes of our exercise, so that they can grow in various external evaluations. "Cheng Yaodong smiled. He has always chosen to respond positively to the gossip from the outside world, and he hopes the players will do the same." There are also several aspects of speech, some are positive, some are negative; some are demand It may be too high, and some may misunderstand you. In the end, they have to rely on their own judgment. I hope everyone can treat it correctly.

从心理上讲,肯定会有压力。毕竟,这是代表民族品牌参加联赛。我们肯定会找到帮助他们减轻压力的方法,但是归根结底,这也是一个积累的过程,他们需要自己承担。实际上,这可以看作是我们练习的目的之一,因此它们可以在各种外部评估中发展。 “程耀东笑了。他一直选择积极回应外界的八卦,他希望球员们也能做到这一点。”言语也有几个方面,有些是积极的,有些是消极的。有些需求很高,有些可能会误解您的意思。最后,他们必须依靠自己的判断。我希望每个人都能正确对待它。

According to related reports, in order to minimize the impact of the National Youth’s "airborne" participation on the teams in the Chinese League, the Football Association has made regulations on related matters. The National Youth will only play in the group points match of the first stage and will not participate in the promotion The second stage of the competition. At the same time, the National Youth Team will not participate in the ranking, but will calculate the points. The points scored by other teams against the National Youth Team, including the number of goals and goal difference, will be used as the basis for ranking. This aspect weakens the league The impact of the promotion and relegation situation, on the other hand, also ensures that the teams take the game with the National Youth Team seriously.


In terms of the schedule, since the final round of the group stage will involve the divis亚搏app意甲买球的首选ion of the league and relegation, and the Haigeng Division where the National Youth Team is located has 11 teams, each round will have a team empty bye, so the Chinese Football Association specially arranges The youth team played in the first 10 consecutive rounds and had a bye in the final round.






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